Saturday, October 02, 2010

Did You Meet My Healthy Man?

How do you feel today?

The world seems magnified when I am alone. When I am thinking by myself. I experience the world differently than I did before, and I feel the world experiences me differently as well.

Today, there is a healthier man sat on a chair rattling good sound outside the entrance of my home. There is an absolute change.

A bright eyed man.

I looked in his eyes. Focused deeply.

I am excited.

I took no care to touch his hand..

Why did I avoid handing his hands?

In fact, this certainly is not the most pleasant part of me.

Who's this guy?

He looks almost provocative wearing a panama hat within his tailored jacket. From the back he seems unremarkable, but from the front it's a whole different story! Oh, rugged and refined on the street, think Gene Kelly or Cary Grant..

As I come closer I noticed he smiled me big.

We both chuckled, and I was going on my way, thinking of my grandparents...

Everytime we went out for a stroll where I'd find a cloverleaf on the ground. I was real young when my grandpa had passed away.

Now I am looking to my (re)find, and can't stop thinking that he is an absolute luck to me. A new star.

He likes making me happy.

Once upon a time, he was a sick man but now he is the only healthy man of Europe. Learn about my man here, and here

Maybe I am just lucky girl?...

In the meantime, former U.S. President Clinton arrived in Istanbul last day. This morning he met our President (above photo) at Pavillon Auguste Huber (turkish: Huber Köşkü), and said while looking at the stunning beauty of Bosphorus: "Turkey is a source of inspiration for the countries in its geography and appreciated Turkey's efforts for democracy and freedoms."

Continued saying: "Middle East needed Turkey yesterday. It was needing Turkey today, and would need Turkey in the future. Solution of the Middle East problem would relieve the entire world, and underlined the important role Turkey assumed in the Middle East."

As honorary chairman of Laureate International Universities, he is touring the world and attending conferences. So he is in Istanbul to give a conference at Bilgi University.

Opening a parenthesis.. {Huber Mansion is located at Tarabya district on the European shores of the Bosphorus. Built by the Italian architect D' Aronco in the 19th century for a German weapon dealer, Mr Auguste Huber. When Huber Family left the maison during the invasion of Istanbul after World War l, the maison changed several hands. Finally in 1985, the Gov't converted it into a Presidential summer residence, see above photo. The maison has two chalets, green house, servants house and a garage.}

I already loved, and still loving Clinton! He's really a leader and most importantly a true world leader. A perfect minded man. A perfect hearted man. Because ideas and thoughts are so important to me. This is his second time visiting us. Going back ten years ago from today, I firstly saw him during a White House tour I was taking in Wa DC. Come again Clinton, do not be too late. With any reason, or not.

I am just lucky girl:)


  1. Interesting post, Nihal. Could your "healthy man" be your country? The second article was very interesting. I think it's wonderful that the economy in Turkey is doing so well. We could take a lesson here.
    I'm sorry I have not stopped by in a while. Have been very busy and will reply soon to answer your message about your photos. :-) Thinking of you. :-)

  2. @ Sandi: You're perfect to understand the assimilation I did:) OK, will be looking fwd to get your response about my photos. Do tell me if there's/are any you want:)