Friday, October 01, 2010

Istanbul Loves You

As you know, Istanbul, the very symbol of country, is enjoying her title, being selected as the European Capital of Culture this year. However, Istanbul has been acting with European culture for hundreds of years!

Many people coming from different countries all over the world to Istanbul is giving a boost to our city's economic relations as w
ell as contributing/visiting to the cultural relations. Of course, this makes a very positive contribution to the promotion and branding of beautiful Istanbul:)

The CrossRoads blog turns 3 years old! I would like to express my huge thanks to everyone from Kenya to Japan, Ireland to Portsmouth in the US, Ankara to Australia, India to Dubai.... who spent some time at my sweet little corner:)

I think we are just at the beginning, and our fun journey will be long one:)

And, time of traditional giving away at CR arrived.

Instead of giving anything to you that I liked and did in the past years, this year I want you to direct me! Yes, you can:) Your wish will be my wish. Simply, say me what would make you happy to have from Istanbul? Along with the simple reason in a few words telling your why is all I need from you.

To give away as a gift representing or relate to Istanbul, I am sure, will bring a wide smiley to your face and your home, too. Now think and dream about the happiest item for your use and just leave your comment below. Rest is my homework that I'll try my best to send off the gift you selected on your way as soon as possible.

Even though I'm pretty ready to hear yours, here's a few possible "concept" items produced specially about Istanbul for example:

Haghia Sophia Seraphim Angel t-shirt, istanbul coaster, Sultan's soap set, istanbul pencilcase, music CD in turkish language, istanbul canvas bag, istanbul magnet, a fortuneteller turkish coffee cup, istanbul stencil set, evil eye bead, istanbul bookmark, quality made-in-turkey knitting wool (for talented ladies/gentlemen or knit-lovers), a tiny box of our famous turkish delight (lokum as we call), maybe
istanbul postcard hand-written and stamped by an Istanbulian (me)...

Well, options are so many than you can think. Open for everyone! No matter if you have been to Istanbul (or Turkey) or not. I don't mind it, what I ask is could you please
be sure the piece of Istanbul (culture) you want should be (easily) reachable, carriable (via air mail postage). Legally and logically, of course:)

Feel free yourself to share this giveaway with your friends mentioning in your blog post/ facebook/ twitter. Or, do not tell everyone not to risk your chance, up to you:)

You may enter this giveaway up until October 22, 2010 Friday.
Two winners will be selected.

Celebrating and raising my glass for the Queen Istanbul of hearts.


  1. Goodie, I'm first! I'd love to have an Istanbul canvas bag. I imagine people everywhere asking me about it when I carried it and I'd tell them I have a blogger friend in Instanbul.....

    What a fun giveaway.


  2. Nihal, I so enjoy your blog. Again I am grateful your hooked up with mt sister, Marlene, and she in turn sent you to my blog. A giveaway is way too much to imagine. As a fiber artist, I'm hoping Marlene brings back some of your turkish fabric. I can see it in a fabric collage.

  3. Congratulations on the third anniversary of your blog Nihal. I always enjoy reading about a place I hope one day to visit. Best Wishes from Your Italian Blogging friend.

  4. Congratulations, what more can I wish besides the nice and sweet comments coming from Istanbul? Thank you so much for that and for the gift you gave before.

  5. Nihal, your blog is definitely a favorite for me. I always love visiting you, and you always share interesting thoughts.

  6. nihal,

    such a generous offer! i've been to your city 2 times in the past year and my heart has been captured by it. one of my favorite things is riding the ferry and walking around adalar.

    if i could ask for anything? it would be a cd of turkish music. i have one turkish groove and one kurdish folk music. i've practically worn them out and would love another.

    i love that you show the best of istanbul.

    xo, graciel