Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Content Images vs Where I Find My Soul

Bir ömür boyu üzerinde konuşulmaya değersin sen, Bodrum...

I can talk about you for a life long, my Bodrum...

No other holiday resort in Turkey has the diverse image of Bodrum! For sure, it is not just about sea, sand and colourful night life. It's also about art and culture. It's also about antiques. Whether you are poor or rich, you will be amazed by the kind of spirit this so - special - city - has. Because the spirit is very dynamic and reach everyone in one way. If you let yourself go, you will be able to live Bodrum Life to the full and not say you have already been there and done that.

So this makes Bodrum to be one of the most talked holiday destinations in the country + being one of most talked (still talking) topics in my blog CR, you see:)

This venue, the Dibekli Han Village of Art and Culture [turkish: Dibekli Han Sanat Köyü], is a new favorite among not Bodrum residents, but everyone, tourists to vacationers for its museum, exhibition salon, cozy art ateliers, interesting shops selling Turkish handicrafts. I hardly left this village after spending long hours on stunning pieces and works of innovative artists trying to understand how to achieve great art expression. The village located near Yalikavak. My summer was all about from swimming, suntanning to art, culture, history, communication, music, new people, discoveries that happened in only one place: Bodrum

  • best is of course to fly in Bodrum and reach Dibekli Han: (address) Yaka köyü, Çilek Caddesi, Ortakent - Bodrum.

  • Why not coming to Bodrum in summer 2011? Think seriously about it:)

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  1. Nihal, what a nice post. This is a thrilling sequence of pictures about the Dibekli Han Village of Art and Culture: I really enjoy each of them.
    Happy Sunday :-)