Friday, October 29, 2010

My Damask Rose Come to Life

Routine matters are not my cup of tea today! I was looking for something to titilate me..

I thought to be busy on a craft, yes it does take time but a finished project of which I will be proud in the end. Separating threads, following the chart, sometimes horizontal rows, x-cross stitch, sometimes lo-----ngstitches.. it is just fun, I like it! On the plus side, the last thing is to go out because how crazy cold outside in the town and we may receive snow earlier in November if it goes like this.

Let me share a bit about this beautiful rose. Damask Roses resemble the old European garden roses in flower, foliage and fragrance. In the middle ages linen woven in this special way was initially imported from Damascus (of Syria), so the name Damask was born. Damask is a fabric with a pattern that is created by using a weave different from that of the background. Ireland, Italy and France are now the countries where the finest damask is produced. Bought this kit in London a short time ago, however I could not find the right time to start it.

A 3-day long weekend started for us. The 87th anniversary of Republic Day ceremonies and activities are everywhere in the country today, one exception in Istanbul because of bad weather conditions cancellation. As I am in charge, maybe I can finish up my Damask Rose bookmark until Monday..

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  1. That's really lovely. Of course I know about Damask linens, and even have some, but didn't know the history. Always learn something new here.

    Stay warm!