Sunday, October 31, 2010

Change and Zen: 改善

I can not think a life without kai and zen. I have worked on various projects including kaizen and found it to be both productive and efficient. Besides improving work life, it helps also for best personal development changing thoughts:

kaizen Noun / 'kaı.zen/ Suru verb / No-adjective

aaa1. betterment; continuous improvement.
aaa2. japanese philosophy stating the necessity for successive and incremental improvement in the personal and professional life of a person.

In today's Turkey, nomadic and rural women continue to wear their traditional dresses. Common in most villages is baggy trouser, a long sleeved blouse, a sweater-vest and a headscarf that is seen in a Cappadocian woman (above). In some regions in Anatolia we can also see felt cap that is embroidered in gold thread on men (below).

Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkish Republic, started his social revolution by ordering Turkish women and men to wear western style dresses on Nov 25, 1925 but dressing is slowly changing! Forces of the global economy have created changes in lifestyles in Turkey particularly since 1970's, however over 60% of the inhabitants of modern Turkey live in urban areas.
Older forms of Turkish traditional dress which do not include western style is still worn daily.

As for myself, I have not been interested in our traditional dresses since I was a child. I even did not think to try a hat on my head. During our trip, it was the funniest moments with lots of laughs and jokes when my friends (from Rome) have been fascinated with
our costumes. We all are a bit Turkish, here's the new portraits: inside italian - outside turkish:)

"Ordinary people can not. Only different people can create a difference. If you are working perfectly fine in the system, you will not change anything."
Seth Godin
, American marketing guru, internet entrepreneur and thought leader. I like him, yeah what he tells/writes. He was one of the most valuable speakers at New Media Order Conference in Istanbul, Oct 26th


  1. Ciao Nicole, eccomi per un saluto. Meravigliosi i copricapo turchi, ho detto a mio figlio di portarmene uno, è stato a Smirne, mi ha portato un foulard molto bello. Sull'isola abbiamo postato 2 foto di questa meravigliosa città turca ci terrei che le vedessi. Un bacio e buon inizio novembre:-)

  2. @ Riri: Che bella, lui ha potuto apprezzare la nostra bella Turchia:) Si, Izmir e' ricco di storia e cultura. Vedo che il suo viaggio è andato bene:) Ti aspetto prossimamente a Istambul, mi raccomando! Un abbraccio:)