Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Desperate Dark!

If they say me "Nihal, this is your last chance to look at Istanbul", I wish that look would be in summer, yes absolutely so.

Switched it to winter time. Darkness everywhere I look in. I dislike the background of my photos above, unlovable blue. Days not bright. My starpower, Sun, rarely showing his face. Oh man, it is not favorite season of mine.


  1. Winter is not my favorite season either. Still, we don't have really cold weather or snow which I'm thankful for.


  2. i once read that children who are born in summer love summers the most and vice versa. perhaps it is true, because i was born in december and i dont know, i just love dark, cloudy and windy weather. it is not like i dislike summer, but i really prefer a darker atmosphere.

  3. @ Jedi: One of those children is definitely me:) Enjoy as its your time now: full of darkness:)