Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Mehmet

Mehmet is Turkish. Pierre is French. Karl is German... Mehmet likes rakı (the traditional Turkish alcoholic beverage). Pierre the wine. Karl the beer... They are the names of happy people who come from a different country around the world.

{ designer with his design }

On the basis of drinking traditions of a nation, celebrated industrial designer Karim Rashid designed the Happy People Collection for the award-winning Turkish design house Gaia & Gino

{ our belief on 'eye' brings good luck against evil, so it is blue }

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  1. Nihal, it's nice to read about the insert "Drinking & Eating in Turin" of your newspaper! I think the article speaks, for example, of Baratti & Milano, the famous café in piazza Castello, a 19th-century fantasy of chandeliers and marbles, perfect for a coffee accompanied by delicious pastries, and of the renowned Al Bicerin, where one can enjoy an excellent mixture of hot chocolate, espresso and cream.
    Have a very pleasant evening :-)