Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spinning Coin


23MIO+ tourists enjoyed TÜRKİYE in 2010 (Jan-Sep). 6% increase compared to the same term in 2009 (J-S). Most visitors from: Germany 15%, Russia 12% and UK 10%.

My enlargeable 'Visitor' photographs are from the trips that I took in various spots at home this year. If you break your promise, no matter how small or big your travel plans about TÜRKİYE, you will be angry and upset, so
be decisive and tactful:)

Long-time dreaming African Safari (particularly in Kenya), Pyramids and Nile in Egypt and Iran are in my plans for next year. Oh come 2011 come quickly!


  1. "Money makes the world go round." And Turkey, too.

    If 15% of approx. 23 million tourists at Turkey were Germany this year, so I was one of the 3,45 millions of Germans who visited (and enjoyed) Turkey resp. Istanbul in 2010!

    Lots of remarkable memories still in my mind...

  2. You always have such great adventures, I look forward to the upcoming pictures from 2011. I look forward to my mail arriving too.


  3. Hi Nihal! How many beautiful places! The seventh image reminds me of the popular restaurant & ball-room here in the village of Cavallermaggiore.
    Happy Tuesday :-)

  4. @ Uwe: Glad to hear your happy memories:) I'm wondering what the figure of year end will be. Last quarter in turkish tourism is hopeful because of the higher degrees over season normals gave us many tourists to enter in Türkei and enjoy summer/swimming in the south, in Nov and on even in Dec while all Europe is in snow "today".

    @ Pietro: 7th image is about a big American tourist group (from California), that we with amici romani were sitting next to them, in the rich delicious kitchen of Anatolia located on the western coast of Anatolia, in Aydin Province "Aphrodisias Anatolia Restaurant". The 1st stop after visiting ancient Aphrodisias site is AAR. For more visit:

    I appreciate when you pack your nice comments with "tip" from your hometown:) I did not know the città di Cavallermaggiore, so I'll visit it for sure when in Torino, thank YOU:)