Monday, November 29, 2010

A Star In His Eyes

(i wrote a haiku for it)
Every single leaf,
in the hopes for fresh,
A brilliant star.

} i like spraying silver powder {

It is more than a holiday icon for me! My most favorite. Because nothing dresses up my home like its vibrant bi-colors... çok çekici ve bambaşka güzelsin sen ya!

Our Father figure, founder of modern Turkish Republic, Atatürk loved so much this flores de noche buena, and pioneered for the plantation and recognition of this fantastic poinsettia all over the country. Since then, we call it with his name as Atatürk Çiçeği in turkish, meaning the Flower of Atatürk. Rarely we may also call it Noel Yıldızı, meaning Christmas Star.

Is there any plant in the world that is being called with a statesman name? I did not hear, except ours!


  1. That's a beautiful picture of the poinsettia. They are lovely plants.

    CJ xx

  2. @ Kathy: Nice to see you here:) Oh true, so lovely, with ♥ :)

  3. とても綺麗な俳句です。

  4. Translation of Nobu's comment:

    Haiku is beautiful.
    Sometimes I must write haiku in English.

    Right? Now I will analyse the signs one by one for a more careful understanding :-)

  5. @ のぶ様: ありがとう!私も上手に日本語で俳句を書けるけれども、このブログは英語だから... 誰が分かるのですか。

    @ Pietro: Hahaa quite funny:) Who says that technology cannot serve the people who use it? :)
    Well, it's a sluggish way to use google translation site as you did Pietro, but it does NOT work properly for accurate translation works, even eng-to-turkish!

    Of course, google mistranslated his japanese comment for you ->important grammar mistakes done. Here's my translation for your better understanding:

    (His compliments on my haiku writing--> says-->) "You write such beautiful haiku. Sometimes, I can also write haiku in english."