Saturday, November 13, 2010

Seperate The Wheat From The Chaff

In a quote Alice May Brock says:

"Tomatoes and oregano make it italian; wine and tarragon make it french; sour cream makes it russian; lemon and cinnamon make it greek; soy sauce makes it chinese; garlic makes it good."
Only good, may I ask...?

I believe that sarmısak (garlic) makes every dish the most tasteful! I would make an important addition to her quote, garlic makes it turkish! Because it is the most important element in world famous turkish dish called "kebap".

my garlic in the kitchen

As for myself, I die for it: eating raw garlic. I would like to eat it anytime anywhere with no shame but it seems impossible for example during work lunch and dinner, however the possibility exists only when I am at home. Did you know builders of the ancient pyramids were said to eat garlic daily for enhanced endurance and strength.

By the way, does anyone know what makes Kenyan kitchen? Always interested in Africa and African kitchen with its wide range of ethnic food..


  1. Dear Nihal we can accept garlic as antibiotık,very useful for arrenge blood pressure,best wishes.

  2. Nihal, I also like eating raw garlic. Especially with oil and bread!
    It's not me in the fourth photo of my post: I am younger!!
    Have a beautiful Sunday :-)

  3. @ Pietro: Before I used to eat that way like you, with oil & bâton bread plus some thyme & a few drops lemon. But I deleted 'bread' from my eating habits; not pasta:) Am going for bread-free for a long time:) Glad to see you're <115 y.o.:)