Sunday, November 14, 2010

We're in HolidayTube

People raring to go.

Changing locations one to another.

{outside clear from inside my clean home}

Crowded everywhere; roads to airports and bus terminals. Hearts impatiently waiting to meet their families. The longest religious holiday in Turkey began. The four-day long Feast will start from tomorrow afternoon, but our cabinet extended the holidays from 13th to next monday on 22nd, oh nine-days. Easy to pronounce, 9..

Morning is spent with weekly shopping: veggies, drinks, tropical fruits like pineapple and avocado, candies, again veggies..

In my absence, pretty men of my home worked hard! mr Bosch's did washing plates and all dry cleaning, then mr Siemens the laundry. After dinner, mr Tefal will help me for ironing. All of boring home-work will be completed before I sleep:)

Toooo long time until next monday. I am planning no-plans, and see where that leads me:
  • listen the voice of silent Istanbul,
  • go to nearby Park to view the color gradation and birds,
  • IKEA visit to see new products,
  • continue to my fantastic book, Ye (:Eat) Dua Et (:Pray) Sev (:Love)

{me and my book. fixed. on the carpet}

The country is moving.


  1. Nihal, four nice points indeed. In Piedmont we also have IKEA, and mr Bosch works at my home too :-)
    Today, information about blue-ray disk for me! For the best performance of the blue ray disk it's necessary to have: a blue-ray disk reader + a full HD television set + a hdmi connector.

  2. Ciao posso solo dirti che belle immagini!!Un bacio da Torino e buon inizio di questa nuova settimana:-)

  3. @ Pietro: Today's pretty woman seems so lucky, so is yours. Our THANKS for high engineering traditions of the GERMAN industry and technology:)
    I'll kick off the season visiting IKEA to look for Noel decorations and particularly angels figurines:)
    Blue-ray disk. Since 2008 I know about it. Do you have a Sony laptop with blue-ray disk? I saw it in a computer corner here. Lets talk about MAC products, the revolution in thought -Apple:)

  4. I liked Eat, Pray, Love but I liked her following book "Committed" even better.

    Happy Holiday Time!


  5. @ Darla: When I was buying this book I committed myself to buy the following "Committed" :) Very kind of you, thanks for your wishes:)