Monday, November 15, 2010

Red Brush


I never knew the name but
that day it made me smile

We too are like flowers that bloom in places
where noone pays no attention

そうさ 僕らも
Yes, we too are each..
a flower unlike any other in the world

Each and everyone of us carries a different seed
we should focus all our efforts on
trying to make that flower bloom

もともと特別なOnly one.
Small flowers and big flowers,
none are the same as one another,
there's no need to be NO.1
you've always been a very special Only one.

When I was walking to the parking area after shopping in an outlet center, my eyes suddenly met this bright-red colored beautiful brush-like flower! I often come-and-go there but not noticed before, interestingly! My mind seriously locked on to the name of this November Beauty, what it could be, what..?
As I shared the lyrics of a japanese song above that I love so much "I never knew the name but one thing for sure is it made me smile". I came back to home with two specimen and also many compliments from the folks like: "(1) Hey, your flower is very beautiful. (2) Wow really lovely, where did you find it? (3) Oh is it live or you made it?..."

I learned that brush is called Callistemon, very close to Eucalyptus. Mostly found in Australia. Thanks to my friend, Research Scientist and Lecturer in botanical science. You might listen this great song "Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana (A Flower Unlike Any Other in the World)" by SMAP, five-men japanese group and popular in Japan:

While you get the message that SMAP gave in the song, I am hopping offline to read newly arrived 4-postcards one day ago:

Yes, 4-in-1-day, past Saturday. All in japanese. Different scenic views of beautiful Japan. I am getting closer to the idea of opening up a PM -postcard museum-:) Thanks for not asking me the number of my p/cards 'cus too many!


  1. The "bottlebrush" blossoms I like very much, too. Sometime you find them in botanic gardens in Germany - and when I come upon a perfect bloom I try to capture its beauty. But it's not that easy, especially if you try to take an extreme close-up - they are too three-dimensionally.
    In your latitudes the callistemon species should grow outside without any help of a greenhouse, shouldn't it? Where did you detect it? In front of your doorstep?

    Görüşürüz!/ Jaa mata (?)


  2. @ Uwe: Ohayoo gozaimasu/ おはようございます。
    Yes you're right, this bottlebrush (+any many more of them) grows outside "in the garden of Outlet Shopping Center" w/o any help of a greenhouse. Very green leaves and red flowers, excellent view is there to "see and be seen":) I'm glad I saw them:)

    じゃまた。/ Jaa mata*.

    *Your japanese is great:) 頑張ってね。

  3. We call them Bottle Brush Plants (trees or bushes). Here in my part of CA they are fairly common and often used in landscaping in commercial zones.


  4. @ Darla: Very good definition, thanks:) We can easily say that bottlebrush is engaged in landscape architecture of commercial zones like ours for example.
    Secondly, it freely grows in hot climates i.e. CA, Australia, Istanbul.. :)

  5. Hi Nihal!

    1) No, no, I'm not thinking to leave bread either pasta: for me bread is an excellent "filler" in the meal and pasta is an indispensable food :-)

    2) Certainly, I'm <115 y.o. ;-)

    3) I agree with you about German industry and technology.

    4) Yes, IKEA has many many interesting articles: all for the house, from the plates to the armchairs and, as you say, all kinds of beautiful decorations.

    5) I'd like to buy a new Sony laptop but I'm a bit disappointed because the new ones haven't any more the 56K modem: it's a pity. However, I keep three 56K usb-modems in reserve :-)
    About Mac, just this the afternoon I've surfed in the Internet with a Mac laptop in an Apple shop: it's very good, the operating system works well, maybe the colors of the screen are slightly different from the Windows ones :-)

  6. Nihal, last evening in my comment I've forgotten to tell you about those bright flowers and your nice Japanese/English text. Ah, I'd like to know well the ideograms.
    Happy Wednesday :-)

  7. We had a bottlebrush in our yard when we lived in Fort Lauderdale. I have loved the blooms since I was a small child.