Thursday, November 18, 2010

Which Yellow Design For Big Apple?

What is to expect from a winning design?
"Must create an iconic vehicle that can be identified with New York City and exemplifies the character of the City."

1. Turkish Karsan?

A Turkish company, that makes cars for such brands as Fiat and Hyundai. Futuristic design! 360degrees unique panaromic glass roof, impressive! Especially for curious eyes to view the skyscrapers and admire the beauty of world top city while driving thru the streets. Continue to read more about Karsan USA here

2. American Ford?

I have a big sympathy for this vehicle because of Ford and Turkish! Ford's commercial Transit Connect is a Turkish-built (assembled) vehicle at Gölcük Plant in Kocaeli province under the joint venture between (Turkish) Koç Group and Ford, venture name as Ford Otosan. We all know that Ford is also a leading provider of taxis in North America. But I have to be honest if this Transit Connect taxi is a dream investment for future?

3. Japanese Nissan?

Striking more muscular concept. Where's the change as it looks like a footprint of its NV200 van and vanette as well?

If you are a New Yorker?

You will decide up for the Taxi of Tomorrow among these three finalists. The Winner will be announced early next year 2011 and have the right to provide the taxicab for 10 years. Officials expect the new taxicab to be on the road by the fall of 2014.

Entries must be received from Nov 8, 2010 to Dec 20, 2010, visit here

What do you think, which design seems attractive for you?

My internship with Ford was a rich learning and also my very first work experience. After that, most of my work life has been realized with japanese discipline (and culture). And, here's two Turkish companies in the competition; one is fully Turkish, Karsan -- other is semi-Turkish. Oh it would really be a hard decision for me if I were in NYC:)


  1. It's funny, Nihal: we have posts about vehicles at the same time! I must say for me is attractive the Karsan taxi: the line, those three lights in the front, the panoramic glass roof are really thrilling :-)

    - The exhibition of the Topolino was at Lingotto, the old Fiat factory in Turin.

    - About the time, here we are one hour behind.

    さよなら! (Is it right?...)

  2. @ Pietro:
    £ I've no idea about your schedule, but my (blog) posts go according to my weekly plan. Bloggers have zero effect on me.

    £ OK, great. Inside? Open for public visit?

    £ If so, why your 'blog time' is still 1-hr ahead, adjust?

    £ Cool! My friends can become active japanese speakers soon:) う missing, should be さようなら -> sayounara

    I'd ask you to use one of those sayings:
    ja mata じゃまた
    jaa ne じゃあね
    mata ne またね
    or dewa mata ではまた

    Sayounara is for farewell, you use it if you won't see someone sooner. One day in Ist'l, then in Torino before long.. we often visit our homeblogs, right? Jaa ne:)

  3. I'm not a New Yorker by my DH was born and raised there. If I had to choose I'd pick the third one. I know, it doesn't seem new/futuristic but it looks practical.


  4. Hi Nihal!
    - Of course our blogs are absolutely independent, it was just a funny coincidence in the post subjects!

    - The Topolino exhibition was only one day in the afternoon, and it was pure chance I happen to see it: I ran home to take my camera and then return to Lingotto for the photos :-)

    - In Italy from October we have the "winter time" and we've put back one hour the clock. So now our time is 1 hour behind.

    - Maybe Sayounara is addio (goodbye) while jaa ne is arrivederci (see you soon). "ja mata" and "mata ne" are perhaps synonymous? And is the missing ideogram う the vocal "U"?

    じゃあね :-)

  5. @ Pietro:

    £ Yes, seems funny..:)
    £ Some exhibitions are really worth not to miss, well done:)
    £ I understand, I know, I aware but your blog clock still on Summer time?
    £ Perfetto analysis thru italiano:) Yes, う is the vocal "U". What I am wondering is IF you can speak japanese??