Saturday, December 11, 2010

Being Second Isn't Enough

Behind expectations! Turkish economy grew 5.5% in the 3Q, and 8.9% in the first 9-months of 2010.

Türkiye is one of a few countries that is still able to make very good progress in a post-crisis environment that left many trying to recuperate from serious losses. Indicators say that we are Europe's the 2nd fastest growing sizeable economy after Sweden which grew 6.9%.

What could I see happening in 2011?

Well, no prediction. Because Turkey's role will be bigger than usual in 2011. To be the #1 economy in Europe and in OECD is what I expect. Follow us, or follow me:)

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  1. I hope economic grew will be reflect people welfare in future time,I wish have a nice weekend with my best wishes.Stay well.

  2. I hope it will continue, Hope things will get better for all people.