Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yeni Yıl

Preparations inside and,

for loved ones outside my house,

are almost finished.

Made a difference this year!
I thought for those poor and hungry people around the world, and also many people who are squeezed for money because of the tight economy. Instead of purchasing UNICEF or Hallmark cards, I went to create my own greeting cards, 100% hand-made. Materials simply are daily newspaper, travel brochures, buttons, pine, red felt... It was fun weekend that enjoyed so much. Result is quite satisfying, and I advice you all to give it a try.

Meanwhile, did you start practicing? "two-thousand-eleven", or
dropping the thousand and simply "twenty-eleven".. In just 19 days it will be the newest of years that I am impatient to hug (in turkish) Yeni Yıl, meaning New Year.


  1. I love your idea for the Christmas cards! I wish I would have thought of that too! But there is always next year! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Years!

  2. What a great idea, Nihal. I love receiving handmade greetings, too.

    We are in fiscal year 2011 at work, so we have been practicing for quite a while.

  3. nihal~ my present arrived!!! i love, love, love all of it! tarkan is grooving and shaking the walls of my living room. :) your origami bird, silver bow, and coin are under my tiny tree. your hand-written note is so special.

    thank you for taking such love and care with this give-away prize. you've melted my heart.

    look for my mention of your generosity on my blog december 16th.

    thank you, thank you again!
    love, graciel

  4. and i was just wondering if there is anybody left who send cards. thats really so nice of you.

    i have never been a social-oriented person so i wasnt sending cards even when they were the main thing.

  5. What I great idea - I like handmade and individual postcards or greeting cards. This shows appreciation to everybody who gets one of these gems.
    Regards, Uwe.

  6. I love the greetings card you have included in the last photo Nihal. I look forward to reading your blog in 2011.

  7. @ Tonya: Thanks so much, how kind of you. Very merry Christmas & Happiest New Year to you, too:)

    @ Graciel: Arrived safely, sounds great. Very pleased that you did let me know. Enjoy all your presents:) Music is the best way connecting emotions and nations, isn't it:)

    @ Jedi: if there is anybody left who send cards, you asked. This post is the response to your question, no:) If I'm the best, who's the next;) Thanks for your compliments!

    @ Linda: Continue my blog in 2011? No guarantee. I will see, we will see:)