Thursday, December 09, 2010

Generous Jupiter

I am the member of a Turkey's leading private on-line shopping club, Markafoni. Offers members at a saving of up to 80's percent off. The site, as you may know, is for quality goods of very well-known and/or world famous brands. Last day I was pretty excited to receive e-mail. Was about a gift check to me. So I made up my selection for the following so-beautiful-necklace among many items: very nice mix of crystals and white pearls. This is from a Hong Kong based jewelery company that has opened its first and new store abroad in Istanbul this year. Sometime next week I should receive it from cargo.

As based on invitation, do not hesitate to send me e-mail if you want to become a member. Only for residents in Turkey, of course.

Oh thanks very much to Jupiter; the giver of luck, gifts, expansion and opportunity. It is traveling in my sign, and natural ruler of my significant houses if I have had a burst of luck
since the beginning of current year!!!

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  1. Come say hi and see what surprise giveaway we are doing :)