Tuesday, December 07, 2010

After A One Hour Walk

One of those perfect Sonbahar (:autumn) days. Warm in the sun and warm in the shade. Enjoying the beautiful yalis (:mansion) by the Bosphorus on Asian side (I live) and dancing with the flowers. Walking is the best way to taste of the town and way of getting around that does not pollute, improves my health, save my Liras, and unlike driving, might even result in unexpected and spontaneous interactions with my neighbors and friends of nature..

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-- west meets east via bosphorus bridge --

When back to home, it was nice to warm inside with chrysanthemums I picked on the Bosphorus side. Would be nicer to insert a few tealights floating and use my Blue-Eye glass vase as a lampshade in dark evenings. Also some music? Addicted nowadays to this written in the stars from tinie tempah..

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Autumn is about to finish here, and we enjoyed the 99,75% autumn under the blue sky with gentle sunlight.


  1. Nihal, it is so incredibly beautiful there. I would love to take that walk with you.

    I treasure our shared friendship.♥

  2. You have very nice idea and behavior.All beutıes must evaulate.Best regards.

  3. Hi, Nihal
    Thought you'd be pleased to know your name was drawn in my Advent Giveaway draw. I've put you down for a Tea Towel. Can you please email me with your full name and address so I can post it to you as soon as possible. I can't promise you'll receive it by Christmas though.

    Thanks, CJ xx

  4. @ Crystal: Oooh me? That is a really lovely Crystal! Wonderful surprise. As Advent says, 'wake up and realize the gifts of love you have received.', I DO THANK YOU for your gracious offer. With ♥♥♥.