Sunday, December 05, 2010

Mozart Sunday In Turkey

In Vienna there is a park called "T├╝rkenschanzpark", means Turkish trench park. The words inscribed in Turkish and German on the fountain that was erected in this green area exhibit the traces of Ottoman influence: "The heart is the home of the friend, I came to give heart."

Combing the golden pages of our great history, of our great the Ottoman Empire.

Beginning of the 17th century. Stretching from southern Hungary to Jerusalem, to Mecca, to Cairo, and to the earternmost frontier in Algeria. The most powerful state in the world, the Ottoman Empire reached its largest historical size! Famed for its strong and efficient central government, military power and extraordinary wealth at its height. The Ottoman's ambitions extended all the way to Austria...

The 1st Siege of Vienna in 1529, led by Sultan Suleiman l the Magnificent.

1600's... Sadly those years marked the beginning of a long and slow decline that would lead to the dissolution of the Empire 300 years later, after World War I.

Then again in 1683, the 2nd Siege of Vienna. Ottoman leaders was hoping a new victory might restore the Empire to its full glory. After this 2nd siege of Vienna City, the figure of Turk and also Turkish Culture -exotic clothes, harems, to waterpipes- became popular throughout Europe. Turkish characters cropped up in all sorts of plays and operas.

Although in Mozart's time (Salzburg, Jan 27, 1756 - Vienna, Dec TODAY, 1791), the Ottomans ["Turks"] were no longer a serious threat to the Viennese or all Europe, it was still a recent memory.
Made Mozart inspired by the Ottoman siege, above you played his famous Turkish March.

I like our March, the great Musician's piano sonata A major, a gift to Turks in highest value. So Turks are important for Mozart. And, Mozart for us. TODAY remarks the day of
a man's 219th death anniversary that is highly avant-garde piece of music. Thank you, Mozart, we all love you.

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