Saturday, December 04, 2010

Da Voi Scomparirebbe!


art = sanat

nature = doğa

woman = kadın

(replicas of jewelery used by ancient Anatolian Civilizations;
ottoman tile and kilim motifs in silver)

Do not be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, and let others how much she means to you:) Forget the season and remember life is jolly because of Kadın.

My images of today are daily & seasonal which come from: europe (the gallery), and asia (all others) that I live on with. If you are a good visual thinker, this article will help you a lot, go direct to imagine the Queen City. If not, remember ALL of those fantastix are disappear; best is come closer, to Istanbul, in person:)


  1. Hello Nihal! Maybe the "nature" in the second image would be more ecological very early in the morning! Beautiful the portraits, and the eighth picture appeals to me a lot!
    Have a happy and pleasant Sunday :-)

  2. Thank you for nice sharing,have a nice weekend,with my best wishes