Friday, December 24, 2010

Lazy Italians

Invite you to read the news:

[in italian] la tassa di soggiorno da gennaio, La Repubblica

[in english] tax for visitors to the Eternal City, Daily Mail

As you might remember, a few structures collapsed last month in Pompeii, then three chunks of Roman mortar fell from an arched ceiling at the Colosseum last spring. If it was the case that the money would actually go toward the much needed restoration of monuments and artistic heritage maintenance, I would happily pay it!

Stop and think about ancient 2000 year old Pompeii. It alone brings more than ~50 million euro (=70 million $) a year in admission fees!

I don't believe in
local councillor Federico Guidi's defensive statement: In order for the City of Rome not to tax Romans, we have decided to tax the tourists.

Could this signal for Italians a coming economical crisis? Portugal, Spain and dolce vita lover "Italy" are on the dark list, I know.

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