Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sometimes It's Just One Word

There's plenty of same news for weeks! Today I woke and read again:

sport events were canceled. temperatures dipped to -22C/-8F in Scandinavia. endless traffic jams. thousands of travelers sleeping in airports. freezing ducks in the lakes. ice storms affected as far south as Italy. heavy snow blanketed the French capital. problems in transportation in northern Europe. late trains in rail travel. deaths in central Europe from deep freeze. snow even in Australia. freezing much of the US. many travelers waiting in our Istanbul Atatürk Airport for their EU connected flights. snowy chaos.

Right under of our nose, Europe is freezing however Turkey, in one word "boiling". For example today we felt it 20C in midday! In the south of country people swimming! I wear my shoes with no socks. It is true, the air has moved out the of the arctic. Replaced air in the arctic is warmer, and as a result the air is getting warmer than the same date as previous year. Feeling unlucky and lucky, at the same time, see why now:

morning sun, not flash of my camera!

Early this season I bought them with a big heart-beat. Super long, suede, leather. Wore only 2-times! Today I replaced my très chic boots to the deep back side of my wardrobe.

Just because...

All I need is: strawberry, cruising in a yacht and my flip-flops.


  1. Nihal,
    bad news indeed. However, tomorrow is Christmas Day: I wish peace and serenity for people all over the world.
    Have a beautiful Friday :-)

  2. E' sempre un piacere visitare il tuo spazio permettimi di chiamarlo libero:-)
    Buone feste Nicole:-)