Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time To Invest

These questions arise. Do you have any idea?

(1) Where am I going to?

(2) What's stopping me now?

(3) How do you measure delight?

(4) What fuels you?

As how we look matters, it is important how something looks matters.
Being a woman or a man, looking younger or older, that matter as well. Whether I like it or not, I use my senses to make decisions. Personal to environmental conditions, things have an impact on maximizing the flow of my creative juices.

Within a few minutes walking from my home, I face to a pretty nice pink dressed this building that is located in the corner like a candy seller. Most of the time, I forgot its commercial identity because I love pink! I love the old house converted, renewed identity, smart money house:

Göztepe branch of a leading Turkish Bank, Türkiye İş Bankası. Actually the Bank's logo color is dark blue, not gold as seen above. But the outlook is very nice pink, you see. Looks like there is no logo that the Bank hides behind. Other branches of the Bank are in logo colors, but this one in my neighborhood is different having a freedom to look and dress as the management pleases.

When I look at things that we can change like how we wear, many questions come in my mind. The take home message for me is that we should be true who we are, and also remember that how we wear changes how we feel to impact what we do.


The Asian side of Mega City Istanbul is becoming a financial hub as of new year 2011! Capital Ankara headquartered Turkish Central Bank, the Istanbul Stock Exchange, many financial institutions, headquarters of all Banks will be moving in my living zone to Ataşehir that is ten minutes drive from my home. So Gov't is aiming Istanbul to make the strongest candidate as a regional and global financial center in the region between London and Tokyo. As you can imagine, buying up lands in this area are boosting the prices. Is there any country which is seriously quickly changing each new day with a different headline on the news, one of the fastest rates of recovery from the worldwide recession?

How does this all come out?


  1. Nihal, I like that "!mportant" :-)
    The pink building is so neat, really agreeable, it's always interesting to look at your beautiful photographs of Istanbul.
    It's grey and cold here: not pleasant, much better a fantastic snowfall or the sunshine with the blue skies! Ciao :-)

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