Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy End, Happy Beginning

There is always something about the fall that grabs my emotional state every year. Maybe it's autumn's calmness, the way trees in a beautiful blazonry -scarlet fevers, yellows,
browns, oranges-, the leaves dancing lightly, the new becomes old, that makes me sad. It seems helplessness as I watch with the autumn's decay, but I know that it's autumn whatever it gives me those feelings.

Last weekend, we took a foliage tour, that we were off the same road and less than 20 minutes from the home. The idea of jogging breathing the fresh air, to observe the autumn's arrival, burning-colored leaves and drinking gallons of hot chocolate and tea appealed to us.

We like spending the weekend alongside here next to the sea, sitting on the grass, sometimes on a nearby bench and watching the sun and fall. I love to be here for splendid sunrises and sunsets. I consider it to be the most beautiful racecourse and park in the Asian side of the city -with lovely signboards! Such a simple, easiest, loviest, fulfilling, happiest way to live in here. This place is enchanting. Steals my heart. Especially the roses... I adore them, and found them that they were still waiting for me:) It has got picnic spots, roller blader and bike grounds, fishing coves, swimming spots, tennis and basketball courts... most importantly, if you ask me.. blessed peace! I'll bet you would, too:)

I really think that all we have a glorious harmonious Heaven! The nature is gorgeous! Just consider that how today's leaves fall to make a room for tomorrow's growth, being something beautiful, something fresh... something NEW again! Who's the chief of this orchestra?

Are the leaves beginning to turn where you are? Yes, the photos above show that they just started newly here. It also started raining:) Happy end for my favorite summertime, happy beginning for a delicious Autumn.

May the peace of nature be with you!


  1. Nihal,

    I am so happy that you found me. My world is becoming a much smaller and happier place when I meet people like you. I know so litlle about your country. It's nice to see that we are going through the same cycle of seasons.

    Enjoy the beautiful colors!

  2. benim favori sezonum Sonbahar geldi:)en cok sevdigim renklere sahip bir mevsim : kahverengi,kizil,bakir tonlari ve sari...ayni zamanda huzun barindiran bu gecisi cok seviyorum :)

  3. i enjoy your pics.........thanks for sharing

  4. Indeed lovely pictures, Nihal!
    Of course I wish you the same peace!!!

  5. No, we have no colored leaves here as of yet but we are waiting very patiently for them to arrive. It is still quiet warm on the coast of Texas. Yours are quiet beautiful.

    Don't be sad for the dying of the leaves all things have to die before new life can be brought forward. Don't you just love each season of the year. We don't have real distinct seasons here where I live but we do uauslly get a taste of what others have. We are very blest with lots of warm sunshine. Have a beautiful happy day and think good thoughts. connie from Texas

  6. Beautiful pics......and beautiful autumn.
    ciao ciao