Sunday, October 14, 2007

Traces From Ottoman Life

Sultans of the Topkapi Palace.
Lying on silk carpets and
having joy with fruits in the marble courtyard,
and telling us daily life of palace women.

The Palace, constructed by Conqueror Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1478; having around 700.000m2 during the foundation years, but has currently 80.000m2 area.

Source: Originally photographed by a famous Italian photographer Michelangelo di Battista in the magical atmosphere of the Palace, Istanbul.


  1. How gorgeous, they are!

    PS Love that graphic caftan in your side bar.

  2. Where is the joy of life without the beauty of woman. Where is the charm of the world if woman is missing.
    That's why men built palaces of marble in honor of the beauty of their women. Thank you for a piece of fairy tale.
    Have a nice and sunny week. Sma

  3. ah finaly nihal, a post about the fabulous topkapi. would love to see more of it's ottoman splendour, perhaps visiting it one day...dremaing about 1000-and 1 nights under the stars and the moon

  4. @ Maryam: Nice to have you here, visiting me:)

    @ Sma: No guys? I think the joy of life would not be complete only with women:) By the way, I missed reading your news, stopped writing anymore?

    @ Marita: Will be back again talking more about the Palace, but for the time being only this short one to give a hint on it:)