Saturday, October 13, 2007

Money Talks

According to a survey of The Banker issued in its October 2007 edition, Isbank ranked as Europe's 53rd biggest bank among the ''Top 300 European Banks'' with its total capital of 6.8 billion USD, and also the largest bank in Turkey. Related news here.

The Banker magazine is one the most prestigious publications in the world, established in 1926. It is acknowledged journal of record for the world's investment, retail and commercial banking sectors. With regular database from banks operating in every country and region, definitive bank listings and expert market researches from leading industry figures, The Banker is essential reading for key decision makers across the banking and corporate sectors.

Isbank was established in 1924 by Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. Provides a full range of retail and corporate banking products and services through its nationwide branch network, level of experience and professionalism of its management and on-line banking facilities. With its steady, balanced and healthy growth rate, it's the biggest bank in the country in terms of total assets.

In The Banker's survey targetting year 2006, it is listed 300 European Banks, 100 Chinese Banks, 200 Asian Banks and 100 Arabian Banks. First Top 3-Banks ranked are as Bank of America, Citigroup and HSBC.

Isbank operates on the Isbank Tower, in Levent, that is one of the main business districts and located on the European side of Istanbul. It's one of areas I love being for any occasion such as shopping, working, entertainment to wandering. A dazzling part of the city! I enjoy its life quality. Isbank Tower is the tallest skyscraper (Turkish: Gokdelen) of Turkey, which has 52-floor and a height of 181m. Istanbul's major skyscrapers are located in Levent district. When I was working for Mitsubishi Corp. (at Machinery Dept), the office was on Yapi Kredi Bank Headquarters, that's another magnificient skyscraper in the same area.


  1. Beautiful and modern Istanbul! It is more than in my imagination. If money talks in the way of prosperity, of beauty and peace , then let them talk! I like traveling through your country and your capital with such an informed guide like you.:) I must put it in my holidays plans. Have a wonderful Sunday, Nihal!
    XX, Sma

  2. @ Sma: Ist'l is a cosmopolian City. History, modern life, mediterranean style, Anatolian style... all makes it our unique Istanbul:)To experince it would be the best way rather than telling here. Lets remember: seeing is believing:) You, too, have a nice Sunday & Hugs.