Sunday, December 09, 2007

Jolly Treat

Remembering all those relatives and friends is crucial for us. Especially nowadays when holidays approaching fastly. As for myself, I try my best not to forget how great I want to look. Whilst some of you are busy for shopping for astonishing finds, maybe some of you prefer to be creative like me:) A gift one-of-a-kind and won't be found anywhere forever, is my way.

And here it's my Christmas gift I made with love!

Very dainty and perfectly charming earring. Cute balls hung with shiny texture inside. I think these are fun to wear, and my friend Darla is going to love it.

The gift that gives me a reason to live...
The gift that I will always and forever treasure...
The gift that could never ever be replaced is Friendship!
Thanks Darla for being there:)


  1. Oh my goodness! Uh... I'm nearly speachless here. But not quite, LOL! Those earrings are beautiful and to think you made them for me. Well... thank you are the only words I can think of.

    I'm going to go out and stand by the mailbox now.


  2. @ Darla: Allow only a few days, that I think it should arrive there nowadays. I was planning to make it a Surprise but my weekly schedule forced me to talk about it:) Hope you like it, as a little nice reminder from a girl in Istanbul:)

  3. Darla will love these! She is a lucky girl :)

  4. @ Shabby: Thanks for your visit on my journal:) I tried my best to put a smile and joy for her. Pleased to see that she confirmed me today about her receipt safe and secure:)