Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sky City

Do you know the sun, sky and earth paint us a picture every day from a vantage point of the countless across the world? Do you know what the sun, sky, star and cloud said to another this morning? Sometimes it is just a superbly beautiful display in the sky as clear as it could be, sometimes it is a great conversation when it becomes very cloudy between clouds; make sure to take a look if the sky is half clear, almost gray between clouds, that they have something to tell you;)

If I say that every morning has a really unique colour to the sky... because every morning the skyview changes radically. Simply I thought there might be something to comparing the colours morning to morning. One morning it is sunny, another is cloudy, or even gray that does not really matter because each day is unique.

For a long time I was noticing about it, and then I thought I might do a visual experiment between the colours of sky in my part of our world: ''Istanbul Sky Colour Study''

So I decided to start a new project myself:)

It gets started as follows after setting up a frameline for my project. Now it is how I managed to do...

Purpose: As the sun starts rising between 7am and 9am, I should capture the sky how it is.

Place: I tried to get a focus on the building to the right as seen from my window, then adjust my camera. I was taking an image of the sky from my apartment where I live in Goztepe, see below.

Goztepe, Istanbul / First day in March

Target to point: In the same direction to crop of the sky, see the square above.

Target specific time: Every morning at 8:15am

Target period: During the month of March 2008, for thirty-one days.

Finalize: The coolest thing that happens when I upload the photos from my camera, then placing them in their 3X3 pieced set is that they create a big square. It is only my preference to set that way.

NO any technological adjustment allowed on the photos.

Result: Fascinating! A beautiful distraction every morning! Here is the artwork I did on daily basis:

Mar 1, 2008

Mar 2-10, 2008

Mar 11, 2008

Mar 12-20, 2008

Mar 21, 2008

Mar 22-30, 2008
Mar 31, 2008

I think you can also do the same experiment. Certainly you can. In other words, if you like the experiments and lab studies like me -since high school I've always enjoyed, especially in bio&chemistry- then do not wait to capture your sky. As an alternative for interested ones, beautiful sun rays in the sky when getting close to sunset time that you can pick lovely pinks, oranges, reds. You can either try it, or bringing the morning tenderness as I did:)

I would be pleased to see The Magic in Your Sky whenever it is done:) You share it with me leaving a comment/e-mail here, so I would like to see your study.

The sky is like a never-ending dream,
That has no beginning or end.


  1. Ciao Nihal,il cielo di Istambul è sempre bello!Grazie a te un bacio :))))

  2. What a great project. I'm hoping to see only blue skies here.