Sunday, March 30, 2008


~~The Easter bunny came last night
So listen here's the scoop
He left an Easter treat for me
His special bunny poop~~

Why say goodbye for Easter? Not yet;) Because in my world the Celebration of Spring still going on. And yours?

Now I hang a quilted piece of this Bunny together with my other Easter goodies on my wallboard, doesn't it look fabulous? Here is a photo what I received last day:

I was so excited about this card. Simply stunning. Simply magic. Because I love the quilted effect! Brightly colored cotton fabrics, quilted and inserted into a cutout of a rabbit shape that is machine embroidered. If you are interested in how to make this kind of Quilted Greetings card, then check out here. The result? You see a card of uncommon beauty above as made by Beatrice, a very dear friend of mine in Paradisola (An Island like Paradise): Sardegna

Flag of Sardegna

La Sardegna è un'isola bella ed affascinante sia che a spingere ad una visita siano le sue chiese medioveali, i suoi straordinari e variegati paesaggi, le sue spiagge con le coste limpide che sta di una prospettiva dal mare tra le pi
ù interessanti del Mediterraneo.

Sardegna Folk

What I know theoretically Sardinia (Italian: Sardegna), off the western coast of Italy is a land rich of traditions and its costumes that are still important to the local communities. Sardinian people continue to take great pride in their culture and folklore for numerous local feasts, festivals and parading in their splendid costumes which make up a rich calendar of both religious and secular events.

Let me say May is a big month in the island of Sardegna: it opens with the Sagra di Sant'Efisio, taking place on May 1-4, in Cagliari, the capital of the region, situated on its southern coast, and continues with the equally famous Cavalcata Sarda, taking place on the second-to-last Sunday, in the northwestern city of Sassari.

I cannot wait to organise a holiday in Beatrice's bellissima isola 'Sardegna' as I would like to be a part of their various celebrations which is believed to liberate people from the worries of daily life.

It's indeed perfect for keeping me warm during this special season with an awesome surprise.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
from my heart to yours, {Bea}

~~I think the bunny must be gone before the sun;
the east is growing gray.
Tis almost time for bells to chime
So he hippety-hopped away~~

''Atrus annus'' - ''Until other years''

Let's rejoice the season of new promises here.


  1. Thanks for pointing out another little corner of the world to me. Sardinia looks like a great place to visit.

    I enjoyed Beatrice's blog, lovely quilting.

    Darla (who had been out of town for a few days)

  2. Glad you found your way to my blog via M.Kate's.

    I've enjoyed looking through your posts! You live in a beautiful area.

  3. merhaba nihal

    nice easter bunny you've gotten there :-)

  4. Carissima Nihal, sono felice che la cartolina ti sia piaciuta e ti ringrazio del bellissimo post che hai fatto parlando della mia adorata isola, la Sardegna, io sono quì e non sai quanto piacere mi farebbe se tu venissi a visitare la mia terra!!!!!!!!!
    con affetto Bea.

  5. What a lovely gift, Nihal.

    Happy spring to you!!!

  6. @ Darla: Yep, I felt your absence dear. And, nice to see you again here:)

    @ Charmaine: Many thanks for your kind visit back, and also nice comment. Happy to welcome you in Istanbul:)

    @ Bea: Eee impossibile per me non venire alla adorata isola tua:) A prestissimo. Ti faccio sapere, OK?