Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Experience The Excitement

As it's very well known, the Formula 1 car is very different to a regular road car. Makes a lot more noise -I like it very much-, goes a lot faster, and looks a lot different. Not only that's all. But there's more to it than that....

Turkish babes, F1 Paddock, Istanbul Park

Hard to resist;) Glamour Turkish girls and Hamilton

Aslo we find that there's an enormous amount of technology that goes into just getting a F1 car started, let alone maintaining it throughout the race. As far as its technology, aerodynamics has a crucial influence on the performance of F1 cars, with experimental work in the wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamics complementing each other. Technicians to engineers, hundreds of people make a living at the factory, designing, testing, developing and controlling new bits and pieces of the car to make it smoother through the air, and accordingly faster on the track. What is basically needed is the F1 car to be is to low to the ground, with a minimum disruption to the air flow as possible. At the high speeds the cars all go, precautions need to be in place to stop the cars taking off, and that's where the wings come in. Whereas the aeroplane wings help get things skybound, because F1 cars are designed to push the car into the ground.

Start up the race

The 2008 Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix took place on Sunday, which so happens, fell on Mothers Day. But the race program including practices and qualifying tours already started from 2 days before.

This time the race was in this month, May, around three months earlier than in previous years. It was a new date, and means a spring race in Istanbul for the first time:) and something the teams and drivers would have to adapt to. But that is not all that's new for 2008 race. Because traction control systems have been banned this season, meaning more errors from the men behind the wheel, and... more thrills for us being fans in the stands:) Sadly, it happened!

Giancarlo Fisichella from Team Force India-Ferrari crashed on the first lap for third year in a row. He misjudged his braking point for turn one and slammed hard into the back of K. Nakajima from Team Toyota(above).

This most dramatic being a 'climb-over' coming together happened just after the start (below). Nakajima limped back to the pits but he could not continue.
Source: Crash photos taken from local papers.

Be in May, the time change caused
the atmosphere to be quite different, but the excitement remains the same!

He is coming coming.... A great drive from Felipe!

He obviously delighted very much at the finish with his second win of the year, raising three fingers to the sky in celebration.

25 thousand people watched this prestigious race. I can say that it was a very fun race ensued over in the City. I was very pleased from the result because it was again my favorite Ferrari! I always knew that it is almost impossibile, or would be really though to challenge the Ferrari!!!


Turkish Grand Prix Results:

(Lap length: 3.317 miles)

1. Felipe Massa, Brazil, Ferrari, 58 laps, 1 hour, 26 min, 49.451 sec

2. Lewis Hamilton, Britain, McLaren, 1:26:53.230

3. Kimi Raikkonen, Finland, Ferrari, 1:26:53.722

Ferrari's driver Felipe Massa won the last F1 Turkey Grand Prix just like the last two seasons. Massa was very sympathetic, and said that ''This is my third victory in Turkey. It's difficult to express my feelings. I am planning to get a Turkish visa.'' Oh everyone knows that there's a love affair between Massa and Istanbul, noone can prevent;)

Again and again Congrat's Felipe! (Turkish: Tebrikler)

Next year for a fourth victory,
again in Istanbul, YES we remain..

As for the general results by now; Raikkonen, the defending F1 champion, leads the standings with 35 points, seven ahead of Hamilton and Massa. For more, visit Formula 1.

A closer look about its current financial status...

Formula 1 boasts the world's highest revenue generating annual sporting events,
with the 18 Grand Prix in 2007 having an average revenue of $217 milion (Source: Formula Money).

This compares with per game values of:

$24 million in the NFL (National Football League)
$8 million in the FA Premier League and
$2 million in the MLB (Major League Baseball)

(Source: Deloitte)

At absolute revenue levels, F1's global revenues are $3.9 billion, which covered of central revenues from broadcasting, race sponsorships, and corporate hospitality, team revenues including contributions from their commercial partners and owners, and circuit revenues from ticketing and certain sponsorships.

F1 continues to broaden its global appeal with an increased geographic spread of Grand Prix races around the world a key part of this strategy. The global appeal of F1, both in revenue and audience terms, means that F1 can truly be considered one of the major global sports.

Upcoming! The sixth race of the season is set for Sunday, May 25th on the streets of Monaco, the Grand Prix of Monaco/Monte Carlo. Don't miss it:)


  1. Hey! What's all this excitement? Ok, I'm not a fan... Well, open an exception for the babes... ;))

  2. This is another thing we have in common - I love Formula One racing.

    A lot of people here love Nascar, but I am not a fan.

    I do watch the Indy 500. Is it televised there?

  3. bellissime foto Nihal......
    mi sarebbe piaciuto esserci......
    ma non si sà.........
    forse l'anno prossimo!!!!!!

  4. @ Gil: :))) Yes, there are exceptions to every rule;)

    @ Bev: No, it isn't televised live here, the Indy 500:( I'd wish very much to watch this one of the oldest and richest motorsport events at home Istanbul. Maybe I'd better to make a reminder (or a proposal) to ABC for an urgent start-up broadcast the race because they do not know how potential fans about any kind of motorsports in Turkey;) One of them is this 'Blogging Girl' by the way:)