Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cold Love

I think it's just time to talk about ice-cream while the hot season is upon us:)

Cold love of hot season, ice-cream (Turkish: Dondurma), is preferred by everyone in any culture from Asia to America with its nearly 240 different flavors. When I consider that it will be hotter in the future, it's obvious that the limits
of creativity will be pushed with this issue on ice-cream. And the people who discovered ice-cream will be prayed for.

Do you know that the second half of last century has been named ''Ice-Cream Age''?

And the human beings actually consume ice, which is thought as the ancestor of ice-cream, for thousands of years, but ice-cream which we consume cones of today has actually developed in the recent centuries, or that Neron who has set that famous Rome on fire, ate spoons of ice-cream while watching gladiators fighting with lions? One more question, did you know that this first ice-cream included wine?

Well, this make us think: maybe Neron wanted his servants to bring ice-cream because of the hot caused by the fire:)

Although thre are not certain findings except for the ones that belong to a few centuries ago, we can say that this legendary flav
or first appeared in the 4th century BC when Alexander found icy nectar. On the other hand, we should not unfair to the Chinese, because about this time, the Chinese actually had some knowledfe about making icy drinkings and desserts. They used to mix snow with fruit juice. After that this information was carried to India by The Silk Road, from there to Iran and by Arabians to Sicily Island. So the Chinese made the first ice-cream and they taought it to Persians and Arabians. Then it was spread to all over Europe by the help of Italians who had close relationships with Arabians. It's said that Marco Polo, the famous exlporer, watched the making of ice-cream in China and then took the idea and recipe in his pocket to Europe.

Ice-cream in Turkey... even though there is no certain evidence when ice-cream first appeared, but according to a rumor, ice-cream was first produced and sold in Istanbul and expanded to all over Anatolia from th
ere. The first document we have about ice-cream making dates back to 1856. Ali Esref Dede wrote a cookbook and gave information about ice-cream under the headline ''Milky Ice-cream''.

In Ottoman Empire ice was brought from higher parts of Anatolia and collected in icehouses - ice reservoirs. In the 17th century there was a profession which was named ''snowers'' and they were trading snow. Snow was transported with mules, means of transport of that time, in Anatolia and by mixing it with concentrated grape juice liquids such like ice-cream were prepared. At that time a dessert named 'kasambac' was also made in the palace. In the hillsides of the the mountains which did not see the sun wells, were opened and they were filled with snow. This method is still used in Maras ice-cream making. In summer, wells were opened and milk and fruit juices were cooled by mixing them with snow, sweets or sometimes honey and syrup were added to these mixtures.

Ice-cream in waffle sandwich

Two Cities which gave their names to ice-cream

There are only two cities in the world which are mentioned with ice-cream: one of them is Maras, in southeastern city of Turkey, and the other is Rome.
There are many features which makes Maras ice-cream special and makes it different from other kinds of ice-creams in the world. Most importantly, Maras ice-cream has got the natural riches of Ahir Mountain. Because the unique flavored milk of goats fed with flowers typical of the region such as thyme, jacinth, and crocus and sahlep obtained from the tubers of orchid flowers could not be found in such a harmony in any other country!

In Italian famous Rome ice-cream, main ingredient is cream. This ice-cream can be put into cones as neat balls, but melts quickly. However, Maras ice-cream is separated by cutting and not easily melted with a consist
ency like taffy, it's like nothing else in the world, unique to Turkey alone. Maras's the 'beaten' ice-cream is the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of ice-cream in Turkey.

Famous Maras Ice-cream

The ice-cream made in Maras and also Gaziantep does not cause the usual 'burning' sensation on the palate, indeed their soothing effect on the tongue and palate is yet another characteristic of the ice-creams of this region.

We have it in the cups, cones or waffle sandwiches, as seen here on those photographs.

It's said that the cones of ice-cream you eat gives clues about your personality, just like the chocolate type we like gives away our persona

Now Quiz time:) Can you tell me which type of ice-cream you like the most before going to read the following: Chocolate? Vanilla? Strawberry or Peanut?

Here's the results about your selection:

} The ones that like chocolate ice-cream are devoted and genuine.

} The ones that prefer vanilla ice-cream are adventurous, speed addict, and open to innovation.

} The ones that like strawberry ice-cream are temperamental.

} The ones that like peanut ice-cream are contrary to what it seems, introverted and a little bit shy.

How true! Because I do like the most vanilla ice-cream, and explains me truly:)

And today is semifinal day for EURO2008 down to the final tour. Day of Big Four Dream Teams in soccer: Turkey, Spain, Russia and Germany.

I want Turkey's Cinderella story continues. My cup of ice-cream is just ready, and will be eating while watching the match against Germany, like Neron;)


  1. I'm also a vanilla ice cream fan. I'd love to try the Maras ice cream tho.


  2. Maras sounds divine. My truly favorite ice cream flavor is rum raisin, but out of the four you listed, I prefer vanilla.

    Home churned ice cream is a big favorite where I live, and it is a very popular thing during our hot summers.

    Thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful card. I totally understand about being busy with work - and life. April through September is my busiest time at work. I believe it would make them happy if I just worked twenty-four hours a day.

  3. My dearest Nihal :D

    ANY ICECREAM is a good ice-cream for me...I think I eat way too much. Always chomping on ice cream and kit kat especially when I drive, to kill the loneliness I guess, and at times, I travel a lot, chalking up to 180 - 200 km a day. And that's going to/fro work only, appointments not included.

    So, all those good food has gone somewhere, waist and somewhere else :)

    I certainly think we did good on Cambodia. Or-koon for playing. I wish you are still working in Japan, so I can go stay and eat there...sort of a domestic pest for you hahahahaha ...

    ...and you were featured in Pat's blog :) She's one of my fav blogger and she mentioned you ;D

    lots of love and hugs always....


  4. Btw, yayyyy for Turkey !!

  5. I love love icecream, it's one of my favorite desserts...I like butterpecan icecream, or anything with nuts in it.... your pics look awesome good! :)

    Have a great day, Nihal!


  6. I love vanilla and stracciatella (milk with chocolate peaces)ice cream!!!!
    I'm a very greedy ice cream woman.
    ciao ciao

  7. This was wonderful to read, Nihal! I love to learn history, and you gave so many facts about ice cream I never knew. Vanilla is my favorite flavor too!

    I would love to try Maras ice-cream someday --it looks and sounds delicious!

    Hugs, Pat