Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Joy Of Applause

Unexpected end for Turkish love story on EURO2008...

A Turkish fan cries after loosing the game

Two weeks ago 16 teams began the final stages of the EURO2008 football championships after working there way through the qualifying stages.

Two weeks of very exciting and surprising football have reduced the field to Germany taking on Turkey and Spain taking on Russia to determine who will meet in the championship game on June 29th, Sunday, in Vienna.

Dramatic result of the last night: Germany could not hold the lead for long. Germany did not beat us easily. But we lost the semi-final match to Germany.

Jun 25 ~ Germany - Turkey: 3 - 2

Of the big four dream teams, our Turkish soccer team's never-give-up attitude is still on the minds being the most exciting team of EURO Cup.

I'm so proud of Turkish soccer team's success so far. Everybody knows that Turkish soccer team was ''very strong'' despite the depleted team's injuries of star players and suspensions that was what made our team's run even more remarkable.

Once again APPLAUSES and ENDLESS HEARTFELT THANKS to our team as they are the Team of Spirit and the Team of the Hearts!

Turkish team and then Russia finished 3rd
in the 2008 Euro Cup,
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Turkish soccer team reached 3rd place in the 2002 World Cup, and now...

Target is the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.


  1. I salute your team and their valiant and successful season.

    You are a loyal fan.

  2. Your team was a wonderful example of hard work and dedication, and they should be very proud of their accomplishemnts!

    Like we say in New York.... wait till next year! :-)

    Hugs, Pat

  3. I'm so glad you blogged on this.
    I sat at my kitchen sink yesterday, stool turned facing the TV to watch the big Soccer game.(Then I was cutting up my strawberries)
    It was such a close game.
    I love sports so much.
    Now I will be glued to today's game.
    I am cheering for Germany, but I realized that Turkey came in on the weak side, but sure proved to the world that they have energy and don't let go. You must be proud of them.

    Have a great day.

  4. well hurray for turkey!
    i watched them last night! very entertaining match nihal.
    at a certain moment i got so nervous that i could not help myself writing you in between...

    we'll meet and gaze again in 2012 that's for sure!!

  5. Turkey were a very exciting and professional team.

    Even though Turkey did not win, they performed well!

  6. sorry they didnt win :( but I am sure they did well and that's important. happy weekend :)