Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beauty In Motion

Ipek says:
''half the people look at me with envy, the other half not...''

Name: Ipek
Age: 15 y.o.
Bio: (Turkey-born) movie actress
Major: drama
Career: her star began to rise in Turkish movie industry
with her charming performance that she appeared in three films till now.
Loves: adventure and nature.
Favorite foods: apple, sweet grass, sugarcubes, carrot.
Hobby: (in summertime) offers an enjoyable 'getting back to nature' on her back over the four years for holidaymakers.

The beach was more beautiful and more surprising than I had dared to imagine. The sand was calm like the sea. Then...

...it became tousled and undulating like a sculptured storm!

The sand changed colour throughout the day, from bone to ochre, and was incessantly restless. Sometimes it trickled along the ground as if the whole sand was flowing away. At other times, it billowed up like smoke and swirled around us. Powdery sand leached into our nostrils, cameras and watches, oh what fun...:) Later it would calm again.

Best of all, I was ahead of a tourist crowd, so there was just us and the horses and the guides.

People who loves horses and horseback riding come to Sarimsakli beach, that's just 8 km away from the town of Ayvalik for a worry-free experience of relaxation and rejuvenation. A good tip is to dress like the tourist as seen in the photo because the sand whips up around you. Now you'll be prepared!

This is really an amazing ride!!!

The best time to start with the ride is about ~18.30 hrs. Because you can watch the sun go down that is fascinating, while you are riding a horse. The ride to the beach lasts about one hour, which is good to do because it is not too short or too long.

I love horses, don't you!

They are so intelligent! Beautiful, magestic and powerful! But, at times they can be scary -especially if they take control, ta daaa...!
Maybe the most important rule to remember about riding is this: always be kind to the horse, and never lose the temper.

As you get closer to the beach, you will smell the incredible salt air. Suddenly you are on the beach for a breathtaking ride along the shoreline. It offers you lovely and beautiful views; trees, sky and many small islands. Feeling the wind through your hair as you gallop the unspoilt beaches of Sarimsakli, and 7 km of pure freedom as the sun warms and the sea sparkles... I would say that beach horse ride is the perfect remedy to forget everything, and just be the one with nature and the horse.

The man-horse relationship began 50,000 years ago when Cro-Magnon man had to hunt for his food in according to history books. By the 1800's the horse was a necessity of urban and rural life. The horse helped us build cities, farm the land, fight wars and settle a continent.

No animal has done more for humankind, the horse.


  1. Nihal :D
    Is that you ..on the horse? Intersting post and what a famous horsey. We dont see lots of horses here..only the extremely rich people go horse riding. Hope you have a fantastic week ahead, hugs :D

  2. @ Kate: I guess a quick reading however.. She was a Macedonian tourist, not me. When riding you know I cannot take my own photo:) Btw, 1 Hour. 20 Euro per person. Tks for your lovely comment as usual.

  3. That looks like a wonderful activity. I have only ridden a horse a few times in my life but I did enjoy it.


  4. Great pictures and story. The scenery is breathtaking.

    I do love horses. They are majestic.

  5. hi nihal!
    i am back from my vacation, and i dropped by to say hello!!!

  6. @ Indie: Oh buon ritorno! Glad to see you again:) I hope you had a nice vacation, having good memories. As you'll read I'm still talking about my vacation in bits, lol:) Give my best and warm greetings to your wife Chris. See you then, ciaciao.