Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Second Paris?

Up until now, I did not know if there is second Paris!

Yes, I said the second.

Because most common quotables about this multi-cultural city throughout its 800-year history are: ''The Paris of the Baltics'' and ''A Suburb of London''.

Panorama over Riga -click to enlarge the photo

I talk about the biggest Baltic capital (of Latvia), Riga

After all, Riga is the city that trained one of the world's number one ballet dancers, Mikhail Baryshnikov, that appointed Wagner director of the German Theater, and that hosted some of the leading musical figures from Lizst to Rubinstein in their time. Take a virtual tour of old Riga.

The incredibly kind friend of mine, who is from Toscana, Italia, sent me this photo from his trip. Knowing I would love to make a trip of my own there someday to see its 'wedding cake' architecture -that's said the quality of Art Nouveau-, rich culture and lively ambience, it was so thoughtful of him to share a piece of his adventure with me.

Mille Grazie, Enzo!

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  1. Hi Nihal,

    I have a Russian friend who lives in Latvia. She is like my big sister. She was born in Riga, and I have a class photo of her when she was a little girl. There is a little boy on the photo with her with large eyes and blonde hair. It is Baryshnikov. He and my friend's brother were playmates, but when Baryshnikov's mother committed suicide, they lost track of each other.