Thursday, August 28, 2008

Golden Hours

As I want to look at the wonderful view of Ayvalik Bay and endless olive tree areas, I decide to follow the road from Sarimsakli, and turn toward Pinegrove Forest Camping area. When I climb the hill I enjoy very much the fresh air upon arriving to its peak, and there what I see... Oh my, a breathtaking view in front of my eyes!

Natives enjoying the impressive view

Set at the highest point in the Ayvalik vicinity, and formed by a volcanic eruption, the top of the hill offers a magnificent unobstructed 360 degrees panorama across the convoluted local coastline of the Ayvalik Bay, headland and islands, including the Greek island of Lesvos (Turkish: Midilli). It's surrounded by precipitous rocky mountains which look like a circular table from a bird's eye view therefore it is called Seytan Sofrasi (English: The Devil's Table).

Maybe or not, you wonder why this name, not sounds good to hear? Any reason to call it that way, the Devil's Table?

The legend says that the Devil liked the view so much, he ate his dinner on the top, then lost his balance and step on that hill, because of the beauty of scenery.

''The footprint''
is now cordoned off (above), and there is a large foot trace in the iron cage (below):

There are various superstitions in this country, bu
t all of them share a common: luck. Even here at the hill, people come for that. (Except me) Visitors throw coins onto it (above), or even tie pieces to tree branches for good luck (below):

I love sunset! It is much more fantastic, romantic than sunrise to me. Sunset turns blue waters to a wonderfully playful canvas of color here... Depending on the time of the day, the season, and where you are, it's for sure that we see many scenes that may look similar but every sunset is different in Ayvalik!

Now enjoy the views of imcomparable sunset as seen from this table because the view is particularly impressive at this time:

~~Sunset in July 19, 2008 - Ayvalik

Happiness is in a sunset. It is there for all, but most of us look the other way and lose it, sadly...


  1. Gunesin batisi da dogusu kadar muhtesem bence,ama tercihim bir yaz gecesi sahilde kumlar uzerinde oturup, gunesin batisini izlemek olur...tabii biri yanimda olursa daha da muhtesem olur :D

  2. Absolutely breathtaking. I never want to lose a sunrise or sunset.