Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Merhaba

This week has a bit of everything for me, between seeing people's awesome places, learning how to make cash via the blog (not kidding), feeling both summer and autumn in the same week -heavy raining and sunny days, what a feeling! and a news of career move.


{1} Debbie, a serious talent. A Portuguese, but living in London since 1995. Assigned to be my swap partner for the Merriest time of year. To what I feel thru our recent communication is that we both have the same warmth and sincerity in common, how great. Poke around a bit on her magic space Debbie's English Treasures.

{2} Interested in making $$$? Who says no;) Read this interesting Blogging for Dollars

{3} Sandra, who has very fond memories of a trip to Turkey in 1998. So enjoying to read her memories and stories of their trip: I love, love, loving it. But I can see that she gives a big try to edit hers on a narrow-tiny comment board, hope without any pain;) Her creative spirit flies at lovely A Legacy of Stitches

I think that you'll find these four as charming and quite informatique as I do.

I must mention that a blogging friend of mine who's indeed so kind and thoughtful, Sincerae who awarded this little blog with E (of Excellent) arrives to Turkey t.o.d.ay. Life is full of new beginnings, isn't it.

Very delighted to hear her career news when she did let me know.
She was offered a teaching position in Izmit as stated her last post before departing the US. She will say Merhaba (English: Hello) to a new life in an industrial city Izmit about 100 km(62 miles) east of Istanbul, on the northwestern part of Anatolia. Ancient named Nicomedia, it was the eastern and most senior capital city of the Roman Empire between 286 and 324, during the Tetrarchy introduced by Diocletian. I can't wait to see what she comes up w/ next... She can be read here: A Very Fine Romance Redux once she's settled in.

To say the least... Simply the best..

May this be one of your happiest and most rewarding, Sincerae. Welcome to Turkey. Good luck.


Friends seemed kind of surprised. Talking, getting interactive and communicative was so much interesting for me -stuff is stuff these days, they can be found everywhere. As cliché as it is, people are always unique to me. So with all that visiting I still managed to squeeze in a bunch of sites when I was composing today's post.

Meet someone new to talk with if you are looking for advice:)


  1. Oh, Nihal, thank you for the lovely words in your blog. You are right that my creative spirit flies. I will be sharing memories of our trip to Turkey in November just before our anniversary on the 24th of that month. I'll let you know when I am posting so that you can take a peek. I have so many more memories to share. I, too, read the article on making money by blogging and wondered if that might be a rather nice thing to do. :-) Have a good evening.

  2. More wonderful links. Thank you!

  3. Hello Nihal,

    Since I now have internet in my home here in Izmit, I wanted to thank you for your "Merhaba." I just discovered it tonight. What a nice surprise:)