Monday, October 06, 2008

Travel With Winners

Finally, time to announce the winners of the CrossRoads Giveaway!

I'd like to congratulate the following winners for submitting charming entries. Here is a round up of the comments they left, and see why elaborately chosen:

I N-Joy your blog. My thought is to give it to my wife and N-Joy again.

Could you tell me if there is any good reason to gift something for the Special one in your life? So I LOVE this comment.

Ah, I would love to have the ''N-Rich'' gift as I have very fond of memories of a trip to Turkey in Nov of 1998. My husband had a business trip and it was also the time of our 30th anniversary so we combined the business trip with a little pleasure. We will soon celebrate our 40th anniversary and I would love to return again but perhaps winning the book would be almost as good.

Isn't it love is a promise... Love is a souvenir. Soon to celebrate together a 40-years! Wishing this Special couple more of everything, and may this one be among their happiest. So I LOVE this comment.

to the lucky winners,
Dick in the Netherlands and Sandra in the U.S.

[ I've contacted both of you via comment or e-mail. ]

I am always trying to think of new and interesting things to share with you all as much as my time allows me. Did you know that? Actually I spend a huge amount of my daily existence thinking about you and musing upon how lucky I am to have each one of you as readers. The support and inspiration you give me every day truly touches my heart... because your love saves my day. It really does!

In this sense, for this first giveaway,
LOVE won because my desire was to search this keyword in your nice comments, and the best reason related to it.

Although I am a believer that Love is a everytime winner, next time different reason will win, I promise:)

Thank you everyone again who took the time to stop by and left a note to enter. Please consider subscribing to my feed so you don't miss out any future I-Give-Aways!


  1. Nihal,
    You have made my day, my week, my month. See my big smile :-) Thank you for choosing my comment as the winner for the N-Rich gift. I cannot believe it!!

  2. Congratulations to the winners. I know they are going to enjoy their prizes so much. You were so generous to do this giveaway.


  3. Oh wow I can't believe it, thank you so much. We are together for almost 40 years, in good times and bad times and still going on, isn't that a good reason to give something special. I can't think of anything more special like this beautiful necklace.
    And after all it's better to give than to get but now it's your giveaway that will be given away again!!!!!
    Thank you again.

  4. Nihal, you were so wonderful to give each of us the opportunity for this. Many congratulations to the winners. I'm sure they will treasure these, and fill the love in their hearts.

    You are a special friend to each of us.

  5. Congratulations to the winners and to you for offering such a lovely give-a-way!

  6. I found your blog by way of another blog but cannot remember whose it was. Just stopping by to say hello.

  7. @ Connie: Warm welcome wishes. No matter where or how you come across here, I am so pleased to hear a 'New' Hello:) All of my best.