Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strawberries and Cream

Today I'm bringing delicious things like...

a copper pot
decorated with fine relief and incisions, and
a dazzling handmade
semi-precious gem stones, Czech crystals and sterling silver.

Ah copper pots and their antiques decor is my weakness! In a home, a coffee shop, a veranda... it should not be difficult to understand why they are accepted the Queen of Pots.

Its history is so deep in the country. It's known that in the Roman and Byzantine periods there were
developed metal processing workshops in Anatolia where the metalwork reached its highest level. Copper occupies an important place in Anatolian art, and one of the most ancient traditional arts using metal is copper working. As the mostly used metal, copper (Turkish: Bakir) is widely in use of the daily life for pots, jewelery, helmets, doorknockers, kitchen equipment to decorative doors, where the metal is plated with tin.

Ottomans metalwork cen
ters are still functioning as center of copperwork, especially Gaziantep, the largest city of southeastern Anatolia region that's well known as Zeugma City is famous with its copper working and copper crafts. Bought this copper craft in Gaziantep. I loved the fine working on it, don't you. I were unable to kill it using in the kitchen even though it's orginally designed for water holder, but I like to see how it's making gorgeous addition to my living room with a few more sister pieces. Definitely charming objects, being decorative, looking much more antiques.

When thinking of these productions, I couldn't stop myself blowing off what if putting soul, or finding soul. I'd like to ask you: Are really you putting your soul into your work?

The answer I should say is no. Yes, 'no'. I think it's important
about finding soul in my work, rather than putting soul.

If you aren't a jewelery designer, then I ask you to imagine what it might be like working on a summer necklace for a touristic shop versus a wedding ring design.

Which might be more fun? In other words, which might get you excited to work on? Of course, I'm not saying this is better than the other. For me, I'd prefer to work on a wedding design because it's something I'd have more fun to work on with having many gymnastics in my brain until the product comes out from my hand, something I'd get a charge out of. This is what I wanted to underline by finding soul there. And, its importance for me... a satisfaction
with my job as well as my hobbies. That satisfaction is what I call is ''soul''. That is I find my strawberries and cream:)

I know that many people want to find soul in their work. Some can find, some not. Just the same, also here on blogosphere. It's the reason that makes it all worthwhile. I believe that if there's no soul there's no success in the end, as true as 1+1=2. Something that makes me get out of the bed in the morning with a smile and enthus
iasm. That is why I encourage, if your current 'job' does not give that feeling for you, find something you enjoy doing in your spare time or stop, don't waste your time.

I'm pretty sure that should be something out there that makes life 'great' and 'meaningful' for all of us. Some of us put our soul into it, and others become happy just enjoying the moment.

Of course this isn't all to say that I don't put my soul behind what I do. Yes, I DO.
It comes from within me. I love the feeling what I do. But, what I do, much of the time is firstly for my satisfaction. Not for others. When I'm satisfied with the result, I know that then others would be satisfied with it. A win-win situation.

Like me when I was creating and designing this piece on my own as a hobby lately, and like the craftsmen of Gaziantep when they were crafting one-of-a-kind unique asthetics copper pots... Wish may everyone try and find the strawberries and cream behind what they do. So we can really do for a living that might be our true bliss, and brings us happiness or satisfaction.


  1. Beautiful things, I have never seen tinned coppers pots, only the copper ones or massive tin.
    I like them all and the necklace too, great creative work.

  2. That ring reminded me the old Ottoman door bells, made of two piece of rings, larger ring out side and a smaller ring inside to knock the door. Men knocks the larger one, it sounds ticker and ladies knock the smaller one; it reveals the gender of the visitor so the host can prepare her/himself. I though that would be nice if you could find a picture of such doorbells.

  3. Lovely. I love that piece - I'd wear it as a necklace, totally!

    Love the shape of the pot.

  4. @ uha1: "Welcome" to my little space:)

    Yes, I can knock the door of a traditional Ottoman mansion, take a tour of historical magic and magnificent life inside through photos. Well said by you, a visit to magnificent historical buildings that belonged to Ottoman royalty would be perfect for anyone who would like to embrace Istanbul’s beauty once more and take a break from the daily grind of everyday life.

    I love this free-flowing feed of interesting thoughts and discoveries, thank you for your kind note. Really enjoyed seeing your interest about the door tradition:) Could you wait a bit until I make the research and find related images? Check out this page.

  5. Oh so pretty and love the blog post title! Yum!

  6. The way tin objects are painted is fascinating. I agree with you: if you are unhappy at your job it wears you out. I hope you don't mind the impertinent question, but because your profile says you are a Mechanical (M?) Engineer and so am I, but I don't know any other female mechanical engineers, I keep wondering about the work you do exactly?

  7. @ Thyme: To be engineer means a lot, don't you:) In reality, I dislike to talk about my privacy here, neither my family nor my business but I'll give you a little info:
    My worklife found a different path going to digital world after having worked in the heavy industries:) In brief, we' ve our own webmarketing consultancy firm, providing B2B and B2C solutions, set up branding and development, analytics support, and blending strategy with design and look for new opportunities around the evolving Web to enhance the customer experience and bring brands and people closer together. So I exist at the intersection of business + experience design.