Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Season Of Firsts


With only a weekend dedicated to the visiting my aunt, there was much to do too much exploration of either Hasanbey Köyü the village she lives in or Gönen itself a distinct, so doing simple things like becoming friends with cows, driving a tractor (oh I can't believe in myself but I learned to drive that huge device:), eating my first season's quinces, feeding the chickens in her farmhouse... while touristy are also very rewarding if you are free yourself from the mindset of being a guest. It's all about making the most efficient of where you are with the time you are given. And, in that mindset you can really appreciate anything.

Oh special thanks to my dear Auntie for making this citygirl in an unusual land feel at wonderland and in utmost comfort. Most of the things were a very first in my life. Worthy to pursue!

So these ar
e a few important things I've learned from my trip down under:

.Learn through participation

.Digest the content can be the next big thing (for your network of friends)

.That which does not kill you;)

.Age? No, experience matters

.Be a tourist in your own home (forget your title!)

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  1. Ciao Nicole, posso solo dirti che le immagini sono bellissime, per il resto non conosco l'inglese, per cui se tu avessi tempo di tradurre, te ne sarei grata.
    Ti abbraccio da una Torino nebbiosa.
    Rosy- Rirì

  2. Hi

    Great, maybe a simple life is the best life you can have.

  3. good for you! p.s. you know what they say when you see a cow lying down? that it´s going to rain. something this city girl learned from a spanish farmer;)

  4. Nihal, another pleasant trip with very fine pictures. I think in the small villages and in the countryside, in that serene atmosphere, among many picturesque interesting and simple things, one has more time to reflect and to be joyful, and this is so good.
    Have a great weekend! :-)

  5. Traktor surmegi ogrenmek basit birsey degil, tebrikler! Ben cok uzun bir sure once denedim, ama pek basarili olamadim!

  6. I need to learn to be a tourist in my own home again.