Saturday, January 30, 2010

Times Two A Gift Of Pandora

Want to see something great?

Want to experience;

# unmitigated visual and auditory show,
# going beyond our physical limitations,
# meeting to a new way of being in a blue world,
# watching a tropical-vacation beauty with new cultural insights,
# seeing xtraordinary visuals like manylegged horses, hammerhead elephants, helicopter bugs,...?

Go to see Avatar in 3D!

I loved this movie very much; I loved
the idea of going to the transformational and transformative possible future; I loved to dream of living on this imaginative planet. 2hrs-and-40min of being exposed to a brand new world was not enough for me, so I saw the movie twice!

To me, not the best of years, not the best movie of year 2009 but the best movie I ever saw in my life till now.

In it, the science and machinery of humankind leads people to a soulless violence and destruction. If we have the technology and every each day hear great inventions, then so what? Is the technology bringing the end of our humanity?
Avatar brought me back to earth from the planet Pandora with this serious question on my mind.

In fact this is not the new question I have been thinking time to time. With Avatar my question was reaffirmed. I am glad that Director James Cameron and also many other sensitive ones should be thinking the same way I do.

So I knew I was not weird in my thinking canvas. Being a technology-educated, I wish that our brush should not be our hi-tech weapons. And, we should paint everywhere, in colors of peace.

If you saw Avatar, would you like to share your views?


  1. I loved the film too. And I was surprised because I absolutely hated "Titanic." (One problem was that there was a middle aged couple behind me clicking their tongues from the moment the ship hit the iceberg.)The special effects were amazing and the 3D effect had me thinking those jelly fish things were about 4 rows in front of me. :)

    Can you imagine the Catholic church came out against Avatar? What on earth were they thinking? But it would have been great to see the Pope with those 3D glasses!

  2. Hello Nihal,
    sometimes I seriously think, as you fear, that the technology sooner or later will bring the end of our humanity. I did not see the film "Avatar", so at the moment I have no comments on it. It's interesting to read that Avatar is the best movie you ever saw in your life till now.
    I wish you a very happy Sunday :-)

  3. @ Joe: I know. The Vatican Church likes to comment on popular movies and even pop icons:) Of course they have their own freedom and right to let the world what their thoughts are. To my opinion, it is not a movie boycott by the Church, but Church's criticism smells something 'political' to me.