Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tiny Box Under Pear Tree

In this modern era, all the virtual socialising tendencies where people check so often their e-mail, and update their tweets or facebook postings than talking to each other face to face, everyone feels the lack of normal human warmth and real life way of communicating. Sending thoughtful e-mails or leaving nice comments are not able to substitute this, right?

Sometimes I can miss so much a piece of handwritten 'personalized' letter, created card, or even a sweater knitted by someone. When I go to shopping I always search for any handmade stuff, more than readymade clothes, blouses. All of these things have a human touch, apiece of soul put into them. Design, create, make and think with love. With nice thoughts. Is there anything better to feel its 'own' soul?! Tabiki yok:)

The partridge in the pear tree, as promised,...

After that, crafted and painted by hand the prestigious french Limoges box...

Maybe you know, Limoges porcelain boxes were firstly collected by French royalty over two hundred yrs ago. Same fascination since then with its captivating beauty and charm continues among collectors to this day.

This delightfully whimsical tiny treasure with its timeless elegance will safely hold the bond of two friends, me and Beverly:) Additionally, a great piece for an antique lover and collector like myself. I'm beyond words, for those thoughtful gifts.

So let's be closer to each other, to understand and enjoy life with full cheer and to create/make/think things with love. I am very sure it is a necessary to come closer our expectations and human needs so that we will improve our life for the better, for the best. This is the core essence of our being.


  1. Si scoprono tesori qui, cose meravigliose da vedere su un video, immagino da vicino:-)
    Un abbraccio da Torino

  2. Hello

    thanks for your nice comment on my blog! I'll take time this week to discover Nihal's pages ;)

  3. This is such a nice post, and ends with a lovely thought!


  4. This was lovely to read. Its my first time here. Love your blog :)

  5. Nihal, all very fine images, I enjoyed them a lot. Sometimes our world seems to be a bit unfeeling indeed. Your words are so right.
    Happy new week :-)

  6. @ Kiji: You're welcome:) Yes please go ahead and discover inside CR, as it definitely worths.

    @ Sharon: Oh India? Glad to have your surprise visiting:) Tks for your lovely note, hope seeing you again.

    @ Preethi: So kind of you, thanks a lot for your compliments. Like Sharon, your page is also gateway to Indian design world:)

  7. Ah, Nihal. I am so glad you like your little treasures. I hope they bring smiles from me to you.

    Be happy, dear friend.

  8. You are right, we need to remember to take the effort to write a note to a friend, and not just use e-mail. Your blog is lovely.