Sunday, August 31, 2008

O Sole Mio


Discoveries are always bound to happen. Luckily my summer
vacation had no shortage of new treasures. Wherever I live or my holiday travels bring me, I take time to build those indelible memories by doing something(s) special. The easiness of our lives, the ability to breathe deeply without an agenda that I love everything about summer. Sure I love all seasons, and especially the change of seasons, but the summer is, by far, my favorite. I think there's no one on earth not heard this fact about me:)

Here's why I love the sunniest time of the year with a few evidences:

~ Relax

The sun is out! I saw the Sun.

And the Sun saw me.

Saw me lying under my top favorite umbrella.
Lazing in the shade.

Taking a dip. Soaking up the sun. Enjoying a nap.

Oh where nothing is the perfect thing to do:)

~ Do

Picture-postcard beach
where I feel sometimes like the only person on earth.
Love long walks on the beach. Being barefoot.

Approximately 8 km from Ayvalik, Sarimsakli beach is the one of most beautiful beaches with several kilometres of golden sand and calm s
ea. Next land is a Greek island, Lesvos (Turkish: Midilli) away 15 from Sarimsakli, in front of me when lazing under the sun.

Possible to hire jet ski's, bikes, paddle boats
or ride the prover
bial banana boat.

~ Wear

The popiest corner, orange is my favorite. My cap. Shells.
Backpack loaded with my essential
s. Daisy hairgrip on my head.
A smile on my face:)
Periodicals. My pare
o. Flips on my feet.
Happiness in my heart:)

Nothing kills a good holiday dream like budget worries. So I get what I need without draining my account, going to spend wisely to be a simple chic beach beauty as it's seen my 'Fiber-Fabric-Fashion' basics above:)

~ Accomodation

Swimming. Dreaming. Reading.
A summer breeze starting in the aftern
as if calling me, drifting into a light ''Sleeeeeep... sleeeeeep....''

g. I can't read anymore...

Lounging at the pool. Fabulous food and drink.
A ripe, juicy watermelon. BBQ's galore.

Appetizers special to Aegean region, crab meatballs with Ayvalik spices, summer salads, and home-made pasta types, and raspberry pie with bitter chocolate are among tastes, so yummy, so...!

~ Watch surrounding

Found my niche!
I'm always crazy for this cozy carvings,
even at home as interior design.

Adorable summer flowers.
I'm speechless: wonderful oleander!

Tradition and modernity together.
Ceiling, an authentic coffee-tea house.

Awesome seaside summer sunset!
Such gorgeous colors...

Street popcorn vendor and
a Chinese store, paper lanterns...

Carbo loading. Photographing. Enjoying.
Loving. Viewing. Breathing.
The smell of fresh, cut grass.
Children laughing and playing outside.
Midnight maddness.

Oh summer! Why does summer have to end? I know change is inevitable, and seasons will come and go.
We are just a few weeks away from a new beginning, but by its very presence in our lives I must say goodbye now to my old dear friend -summer. I will miss you.

''There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.''
Celia Thaxter


  1. Beautful photos and essay on summer, Nihal! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation!

    It is sad to say goodbye to summer. Enjoy the the nice days a little longer,

    Hugs, Pat

  2. 2 sene once ben de "oradaydim",ama bu guzellikleri kesfedememisim galiba :p

    Cok etkileyici cekimler,bravo Nihal!

  3. You summed up summer quite nicely :)

    Happy blogoversary!

  4. That street popcorn vendor's stand just tickles my fancy.


  5. Your sweet memories will keep you warm until summer again returns.

  6. Good morning Beautiful! I always enjoy coming here; you are so creative with your post.... thank YOU for this lovely display.... and oh, by the way, I hope you can participate in our Window Party, this coming Friday! See you there!

    May the sun shine upon you today


  7. Le tue foto sono fantastiche.
    Tu riesci a legare insieme benissimo foto romantiche, foto spiritose e foto panoramiche.
    ciao ciao